“I got my baby ill with the tablet (…) As idiot and ignorant parents, we are amused.” The desperate message of a mother, reached to the limit of her powers.

“I got my baby ill with the tablet (…) As idiot and ignorant parents, we are amused.” The desperate message of a mother, reached to the limit of her powers.

The technology and the times we live evolve with a rapidity that often leaves us unable to tell it NO, even if we do not find ourselves in many current changes. This is also the case when children are accessing computers, tablets, and other gadgets from a young age. A mom admits that she got  her baby ill with her tablet.

The woman told her grief on a group intended for mothers and children to shoot an alarm signal. The baby and the tablet are not the best friends, always.

“I have a little boy for 1 year and 2 days.” It all started at 5-6 months, when M., being a “crying child” and restless I calmed with the tablet, namely playing songs on a tablet. Today 10 minutes( while I pee), tomorrow 20 (while I use the vacuum cleaner), the day after for an hour (while I cook) and so on, until my baby got to sit and 3 hours a day on my tablet. If  it was not a tablet, it was definitely TV open all time, and so the time spend in front of the screens rises from 3 to … 5-7 hours.

What happened? My child did not answer when I called him, did not understand when I asked him something, he only knew to pull my shirt when he wanted to be breast fed, he did not look in my eyes, he did not ask for help, he did not hear us, but when his  favorite commercial was on TV he came with the utmost speed to see it, and we as idiot and unknowing parents, amused so much: “how sweet our baby is when he comes so quickly to see his commercial.” He did not play with us, he was bored quickly, and “was asking” by crying the tablet / tv. Almost nothing of what would have been normal to do at his age.

I asked here, on the group, about your children, if they do so at his age and most of the answers were … “not all children are the same”, „do no compare”,” children develop differently “etc. The worst advice and information .. from a “pile of” TWO answers gave me a thought … “you keep your TV open” and “really kids are developing differently but some things are not just development , some things must be done by any child at his age. ” And thank you, ladies!

Having no interaction with children of his age, I did not knew what normal development would be, but I read every month about the things a baby should do, and from 10 months the “delays” appeared …, the first month when I noticed, I said, “Maybe he’s slower, they do not all do the same,” but from the second month I pulled an alarm signal. I asked and started to wonder … I learned that my child’s reactions were framed in the spectrum of AUTISM, namely VIRTUAL AUTISM. Terribly, cruelly, in that second I closed my TV, tablet, phone, my baby was INTOXICATED with virtual enviroment.

For 5 days, the TV in our house is just a black box, since then my baby has changed almost radically, laughs, looks at us in the eye, pulls us when he wants something, pulls my blouse when he wants to be breast fed, he plays, he understands and looks when you show him the puppy, starts answering when I call (2 times out of 10, here we have to work a bit) learned to beat his palm, do as Indians (aa aaa, with his hand on the mouth), a lot of that he did not do before … We still have a lot to work on, but big changes have been seen in these 5 days. In a few days we have a pediatric appointment, we will find out exactly what to do and we will do …

For the time of quiet, where I could do my job (cooking, washing, stretching laundry, ironing, packing, washing windows, wiping dust, brushing the carpet, vacuuming, washing dishes, clean the fridge, wash the terrace, wash the dog, change bedding, yes, yes, …) now I  pay the price …

I hope my story, my life lesson, will help you, do not act like me, dear ones. And I knew it was not good to leave the baby on the tablet, but I did not know the consequences, I did not give it that much importance, and I did a lot with him in my arms, but it was already hard and I was tired …

I will ask: do not pull my ears … I know where I’m wrong and it doesn’t hurt anyone more than me for my baby, “wrote the mother.

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